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Warning: Somewhat tongue in cheek at the moment!

 Work in Progress...

Macavity's tarot is a suite of programs, running on various machine types (Here, on the Web too!) providing "Computer Aided Tarot" (CAT). Macavity's Tarot makes generally available the result of my various experiments, down the years, where I have tried to facilitate the study of Tarot Dignities and Correspondances via online and offline computer programs.

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Wot, No deck?

Well, no, actually . Perhaps someone would like to COLLABORATE on this project?

What Macavity's Tarot DOES do:

  • Macavity's Tarot seeks to assist the reader in learning and using Tarot
  • Macavity's Tarot provides SHARED Home/Mobile "Journaling" facilities.

What Macavity's Tarot DOES NOT do:

  • Macavity's Tarot does not REPLACE the intuitive skills or knowledge of the reader.
  • Macavity's Tarot does not provide "Canned Meanings" or "Tell your Fortune".

Downloadable Versions will be available soon for:

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